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QQI Manual Handling Course

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Manual Handling Course   

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This Manual Handling Course is required by law to ensure the safety of staff in the workplace.

During the manual handling training staff will gain the knowledge, expertise and confidence in how to safely lift and move objects in their place of work. 

Course: QQI Manual Handling Course

Course Duration for Class: 2 Hours

  • Manual handling risk assessment

  • Manual handling course legislation

  • Manual handling risk assessment

  • Anatomy & physiology of the spine and muscular system

  • Incorrect manual handling techniques

  • Physical fitness

  • Practice in safe manual handling of loads to include:-

  • Lifting from floor to bench

  • Lifting from bench to floor

  • Pushing & Pulling

  • Lifting to and from height

  • Team Lifting

Certification: QQI Manual Handling Course

General Manual Handling Information

Manual handling training is mandatory for all staff that engage in manual activities in their place of work. This can include duties such as lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and stacking items.  A third of all injuries in the workplace are caused by manual handling which in some of the cases employees may suffer permanent damage to his or her back. 

It is important for staff to be trained in manual handling to help them understand how back injuries occur and what they can do to help prevent them happening. The QQI manual handling course has it place. It advised that the students should refresh their skills and knowledge every 3 years to remain competent in safe manual handling course skills.  

Providing manual handling course training will help reduce injury rates and will protect staff from injury. Manual handling training needs to be specific and relevant to the tasks in hand for the staff members. Different working environments require different approaches to carrying out manual handling activities. Here at E.R Training we ensure that staff are trained in their working environment to help protect them and help them understand manual handling in their place of work.

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